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Veterans for Victory PAC describes itself as "an all volunteer political action committee." [1] (PAC is the acronym for "political action committee", a group established in the U.S. to funnel money to congressional election campaigns).

The PAC claims that it directs all donations to "supporting a strong military in defense of traditional American values." For the U.S. congressional elections in 2006, it has "made early donations to eight congressional candidates that are both enlisted and officer veterans, and/or well documented patriotic supporters of a strong America." [2]

More than one VetPAC

According to BMW Direct, Inc., of which the Veterans for Victory PAC is a client, VetPAC is "[l]ed by true Vietnam Veterans who were on the front lines then and now. VetPAC raised over 1 million dollars in less then 6 months for its cause, which is to help like-minded candidates running for U.S. Senate and Congress. VetPAC’s hot-button issue was making the public aware of John Kerry’s disgraceful military service in Vietnam, and how electing him president, would have been detrimental for our country. With John Kerry defeated, they are now setting their sights on media elite." [3]

No support for this claim has been found. It would appear that Veterans for Victory is attempting to piggyback off the "efforts" of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's 2004 smear campaign against Senator Kerry.

Additionally, the Veterans' Alliance for Security and Democracy, another "multi-candidate political action committee", also goes by the name VETPAC. [4]

There does not appear to be any connection between the two organizations. [5]

PAC Details

According to its Federal Election Commission disclosure (Committee ID: C00400937), the PAC's treasurer is Russell J. McCurdy, who "owns and operates both Aurora Cold Storage and Seattle's Finest Exotic Meats in Shoreline," Washington. [6] On his campaign contributions for 2004, McCurdy listed himself as president of Veterans for Victory PAC. [7]

No other information has been found regarding the PAC's leadership or membership.

The PAC claims no political party affiliation. Note, however, that all candidates "supported" are members of the Republican Party.

The VETERANSFORVICTORY.COM domain name has been registered to McCurdy at the PAC's Bellevue, WA, address since May 2004.

2004 Election Cycle

In October 2004, the PAC contributed more than $53,000 towards George W. Bush's re-election campaign. [8]

The largest contributor to the PAC during the 2004 election cycle was Edward M. Delate of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, who made a single donation of $19,342 on October 21, 2004. [9] Delate, of Keystone Foods LLC, is a member of the steering committee for FoodPAC (Food Processing Advisory Council). [10]

Coincidentally, also on October 21, 2004, two payments in the amounts of $16,320 and $5,320 were made to Comcast in Denver, Colorado, for a media buy on behalf of George W. Bush. [11] On the same day, there was a third media buy on Bush's behalf, to Comcast in Portland, Oregon, in the amount of $11,000. [12]

Total receipts during the 2004 election cycle were $1,081,921 and total disbursements were $1,049,512. The PAC's address was then stated as 17532 Aurora Avenue North, Shoreline, WA 98133 [13], which was McCurdy's campaign address in 1999 when he ran for the City of Shoreline's Council Position No. 2. [14]

Individual campaign contributions can be viewed here.

2006 Election Cycle

In March 2006, the PAC contributed $2,000 to Howard Kaloogian's U.S. Senate campaign. [15][16]

The PAC is currently supporting the following candidates:

Contact Information

1003 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Phone: (210) 828-6328
Email: info At Website:

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