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Victor D. Elizalde was the Republican candidate in the November 2004 election for California's 30th congressional district, losing to Democratic incumbent Henry A. Waxman.[1] Prior to becoming involved in politics, Elizalde worked for many years as an entertainment industry economist. [1]

The publicist for his campaign was Jean-Marie Winikates [2].

In September 2004, Elizalde's campaign helped to arrange the Hollywood premiere of the movie Michael Moore Hates America. The premiere was due to take place on September 30th. According to a campaign press release, "The film will premiere in conjunction with a fundraiser to benefit Hollywood Congressional Candidate and Studio Executive, Victor Elizalde." The press release continues, "Tickets are available for this exclusive premiere and reception at the Writer's Guild of America... starting at $100 each by calling the offices of Victor Elizalde for Congress..." [3]

Elizalde is also involved in the conservative-focused Liberty Film Festival, which starts October 1, 2004 in Hollywood. According to a Reuters article, "the festival features the workshop 'Conservative Filmmaking 101,' with Victor Elizalde lecturing on how movies get the green light. Elizalde, director of worldwide business development at Sony Pictures Entertainment, has taken a leave from the studio to run for Congress against Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman." [4]

However, the website for the festival still describes Elizalde as an employee of Sony Pictures. It describes his seminar thus: "A nuts-and-bolts seminar on low-budget digital moviemaking, with practical advice on how to get around 'development hell' in liberal Hollywood." [5].

Elizalde runs his own company, Bisa Technologies Corp, which describes itself as specializing in "M&A Consulting finance deals for entertainment". Elizalde's campaign publicist Jean-Marie Winikates is also involved with this company. [6]

Victor Elizalde, who is of Hispanic heritage, represented Sony Pictures at the Sumaq Summit 2004: International Business Strategies in Latin America in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the event's press release, "Presented by the Sumaq Alliance of international business schools, the executive conference also welcomes government representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico and will focus on the latest management techniques, critical business issues, and strategies for investing and operating in Latin America." [7]

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