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"Former President of Guatemala. After surviving numerous attempts upon his life and after more than 20 years of fighting for democracy, Vinicio Cerezeo led the process to restore the democratic and institutional process in Guatemala, becoming the first president of the modern democratic era. He believes in dialog and consultation. As president, he was the creator, sponsor and one of the signers of the Esquipulas I and II Peace Agreements which led to peace throughout Central America. During his presidency he established an era of respect for human rights, economic recovery in times of war, a vision of sustainable development and other significant advances. Today Vinicio Cerezo is well known as Central America's goodwill ambassador, as he continues to drive and promote the process of regional integration, the rule of law and inclusive development. A founding member of the Latin American Presidential Mission, he also belongs to numerous other organizations and institutes, most especially the Esquipulas Foundation for the Integration of Central America, which he leads. In 2012, he received the prestigious Good Governance Awrd granted by the Global Peace Foundaiton during its annual convention in Atlanta, USA. [1]

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