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Vladimir Lukin "was born in 1937 in the city of Omsk. In 1959 he graduated from the Department of History of Moscow Lenin State Educational Institute. From 1959 to 1987 he was involved in scientific work in some of the USSR leading institutes. He also worked in the editorial board of ’Problems of Peace and Socialism’ magazine (in Prague). From 1987 to 1989 Mr. Lukin was head of the Department of Pacific and South-East Asia Countries in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. In 1989 he was deputy head and then head of the Office of Evaluations and Planning at the same ministry. In 1989-1990 he was the leader of the group for analysis and forecast at the secretariat of the Supreme Council of the USSR. In 1990 Mr. Lukin was elected a RSFSR people’s deputy. During the campaign when he ran for MP in the Russian Duma, he became one of the leaders of the ’Yavlinsky — Boldyrev — Lukin’ electoral association. After winning the election, he became a member of the Yabloko faction in the parliament and took charge of the International Affairs Committee in the Duma. He was a deputy (MP) of the second and third State Duma (lower chamber of the Russian parliament). In the third Duma Mr. Lukin occupied the position of Vice-Speaker. In 2004 he was appointed Commissioner for Human Rights (ombudsman) in Russia. Vladimir Lukin is a Doctor of History Sciences and a professor. He is also a recipient of the Badge of Honour." [1]

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