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Vote 2004 is a 'pro-democracy coalition calling for a referendum on the European Constitution. We represent individuals and organisations which welcome the new Constitution, and others who are critical of it.' [1]

Their chairman is Martin Jacomb, of the British Council and Prudential bulding society.

Their website prominently displays support from non-Tories and non-businessmen, including lib dems. Their summary of who wants a referendum is as follows -

'For a referendum

  • The Liberal Democrats
  • The Conservatives
  • The SNP
  • Plaid Cymru
  • The Green Party
  • Backbench Labour
  • MPs
  • Trade Unionists

Against a referendum

  • The Government'

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Of course, there are actually going to be elections in 2004 in the UK, but the constitution hasn't even been agreed upon by member states yet - and is looking increasingly unlikely to be, so even the referendums in other countries about it may well take place in 2005, or not at all.

Elections that are a due in 2004 are the votes to the European Parliament, local elections, and the mayor of london and London Assembly.