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A Voter-verified paper audit trail is a printout that, at least in theory, serves to verify the output of a direct recording electronic voting machine (DRE). In practice, the following objections have been raised:

  • There is no guarantee that the printout matches the candidate selected by the voter.
  • Voters frequently fail to consult the printout, especially when they do not know it is present.
  • It is unclear what should happen when a voter detects a discrepancy between the candidate selected and the one written to the printout.
  • The printout is often written sequentially to a "toilet paper"-style roll, which means that individual votes could theoretically be matched to the people who made them, as long as the order in which they voted was known.
  • The printers frequently fail, with the failures often going undetected.
  • The printouts are easily torn or otherwise damaged.

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