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Voter Action is, according to its website, a "national non-profit organization that seeks to ensure election integrity in the United States through legal advocacy, research, and public education. We aim to protect an open and transparent election process, one in which our elections at the federal, state, and local level are accessible and verifiable. We support the basic civil and political rights of all voters to cast their ballots in an independent manner and to have to their votes accurately recorded and counted. We seek to reclaim our elections for the public domain, controlled by the voters and not by private interests." Staff include "Holly Jacobson, Director and John Bonifaz, Legal Director. [1]

In January, 2010, Voter Action co-launched Free Speech for which is, according to its website, "a campaign sponsored by Voter Action (, Public Citizen (, the Center for Corporate Policy ( and American Independent Business Alliance ( to restore the First Amendment's free speech guarantees for the people, and to preserve and promote democracy and self-government." It was launched in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court decision of January 20, 2010, overturning most restrictions on corporate and labor union funding in U.S. election.

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