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Walter Berns is John M. Olin University "Professor emeritus at Georgetown University and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He has also taught at the University of Toronto, the University of Chicago (where he earned a Ph.D. in political science), and at Cornell and Yale universities. His government service includes membership on the National Council of the Humanities, the Council of Scholars in the Library of Congress, the Judicial Fellows Commission, and in l983 he was the alternate United States representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. He has been a Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Fulbright fellow and a Phi Beta Kappa lecturer. He is the author of numerous articles on American government and politics, in both professional and popular journals; his books include In Defense of Liberal Democracy, The First Amendment and the Future of American Democracy, Taking the Constitution Seriously, and For Capital Punishment. His book, Making Patriots, [was to] be published by the University of Chicago Press in Spring 2000," his Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University speaker profile states.

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