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Wayne Valis was a mercenary lobbyist who worked extensively for the tobacco industry through his company Valis Associates. See the company for details. There was almost no project that was too devious or underhand for Valis or his company.

Valis was a political lobbyist from the right-wing, corporate (libertarian) side of politics who worked for President's Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford and also for the members of the Atlas Group of libertarian/ultra free-market think-tanks -- like the American Enterprise Institute -- which was being developed at this time into a global network.

He converted his ideological inclinations into a cash-rich business in 1983 when he left the Reagan Administration just before the elections and set up his Valis Associates lobbying business which allowed him to exploit the administration associations.

Wayne H Valis
Valis Associates
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1944 June 14 - Born, Somerville, New Jersey

1966 - B.A., Rutgers University

1966-69 - Eastern Director, Intercollegiate Studies Institute

1969-72 - Editor, The Intercollegiate Review

1972-73 - American Enterprise Institute, Assistant to the Director for Legislative Analysis

1973-74 - Staff Assistant to the President(Nixon)

1974-77 - White House Office of Public Liaison (Ford), Director of Research and Planning

1976-Sept/Oct - President Ford's campaign committee

1977-80 - American Enterprise Institute, Special assistant to the president

1981-83 - Special Assistant to the President (Reagan) for Public Liaison

1983 June/E - Establishes Valis Associates. Joins forces with [Hill & Knowlton]], creating Toxic Torts Clearinghous
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