Weaponization of space

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weaponization of space . . .

"Long-term Trend" 1999

"The Pentagon's long-range thinker, Andrew Marshall, made a rare public appearance Thursday to discuss the future of warfare. Mr. Marshall, director of the nondescript but powerful Office of Net Assessment, said the nation's ability to project power over long distances will remain 'the fundamental task.' The drawback of America's long military reach is that it is driving more nations to seek nuclear weapons and long-range missiles capable of reaching U.S. soil. And Mr. Marshall believes they will succeed.

"'The long-term trend is that nations are seeking new forms of strategic attack,' Mr. Marshall told a small group of defense experts at the Brookings Institution. 'More and more countries will have longer-range missiles that they can use to attack a capital or a society. We are going to live in a world where many more countries have the ability to attack from a distance.' ... information warfare - the capability of attacking computer networks from afar - will be part of it, he said. So will space warfare. Attacks against communications satellites and other space assets are 'inevitable,' Mr. Marshall said." -- Drudge Report, October 1999.

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