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WestGlen Communications is a major U.S. producer of video news releases (VNRs) and audio news releases. "Our main commitment at WestGlen is to get your VNR or B-roll on the air," the website states. [1]

WestGlen describes itself as a "distributor/producer of sponsored programming on behalf of corporations, trade associations, government agencies, advertising and public relations agencies and non-profit foundations. West Glen and MediaOne have a strategic relationship to provide broadcast and webcast PR services, such as satellite media tours and webinars, to a broad range of enterprise customers." [2]

In June 2009, WestGlen announced its "new four-tiered service for SMTs," or satellite media tours. The service provides "access to content pages on 150 major market TV station Web sites in cities such as Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Minneapolis, and 11 news radio station Web sites in markets including New York and Philadelphia," according to PR Week. [1]

Fake news

In its March 2007 newsletter, WestGlen reports on the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) investigation into undisclosed VNR broadcasts. The newsletter quotes Greig Todd, Executive Producer at WPVI-TV Philadelphia, as saying: "The FCC's pressure on broadcast news organizations has impacted every newsroom. At first, the FCC's pressure caused many news organizations to stay away from VNRs altogether. Since then, stations have re-established or instituted strict new standards for use of VNR material and have probably become overly weary of using such material. Many producers now see VNR material as a negative, something to stay away from."

The newsletter adds: "Todd went on to suggest that in place of VNRs, companies submit B-Roll packages, whose content is easier for producers to control. According to Todd, SMTs were initially not being aired by newsrooms, because sometimes the live anchorperson forgets to disclose the source of the interview, and with live television the producer has little control. However, worries surrounding SMTs have begun to gradually subside, and they are once again being picked up by newsrooms. As a result of the FCC crackdown, very little of the newscast is actually produced from outside materials. Instead, today's newscast is now filled with an influx of traffic and weather reports to fill time originally filled by outsourced footage." [2]


On its website, WestGlen states that it began in 1970 as a distributor of sponsored 16mm films and newsfilms. "Early clients included sponsors of television documentaries who wanted further exposure in the nation's classrooms, as well as traditional corporate producers of educational, enrichment programs," the company's website states. [3]

"Today, WestGlen is the nation's largest, most diverse distributor/producer of sponsored programming on behalf of corporations, trade associations, government agencies, advertising and public relations agencies and non-profit foundations. The company distributes programs from as short as ten and thirty seconds (Public Service Announcements), to 90 seconds (video news releases), half hour documentaries for cable TV and two-hour foreign language feature films," its website states.


WestGlen is listed as a "partner" of Cymfony, on the "media intelligence" company's website. "Through a customized version of Cymfony Dashboard, Cymfony’s intelligent media monitoring and analytics application, West Glen, can now automatically determine the impact and ROI [return on investment] of client VNRs, PSAs and other broadcast methods instantly," states the site. "Regardless of the media channel – television, radio, print or Internet – West Glen is now able to provide enhanced data analysis, in-depth research and close monitoring of competitive brands. The analytics provided through Cymfony Dashboard easily apply to tracking short-term broadcast projects, or to ongoing analysis of products, issues, campaigns and a firm’s competition." [4]


Contact details

WestGlen Communications
1430 Broadway, 9th floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 921-2800
Toll-free:(800) 325-8677
Email: info AT westglen.com
Web: http://www.westglen.com

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  2. "PR Power Professionals - Challenge the FCC," WestGlen Communications newsletter "The Broadcaster," March 2007.

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