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The Western Slope Conservative Alliance(WSCA) is a right-wing, western Colorado group through which Americans for Prosperity works to generate "grassroots" opposition to health care reform legislation in western Colorado.

The Colorado chapter of Americans for Prosperity worked through the Western Slope Conservative Alliance to organize a "Hands Off My Health Care" Rally on Saturday, August 15, 2009, during a visit to Grand Junction, Colorado by President Barack Obama. [1][2]

The Web site of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance has an article called "Government Health Care Kills," and another titled, "Take Action! STOP Socialized Health Care!" that quotes Karl Rove and urges readers to oppose a public health insurance option. The group's major spokesperson is Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland, known for her comments linking gay marriage to polygamy, incest, and marriage involving 11-year-olds during a March 17, 2006 broadcast of the Rocky Mountain PBS' television show Colorado State of Mind, in a discussion about a referendum to allow domestic partnerships.

The Western Slope Conservative Alliance lists no address and no telephone number. It does not list any staff or funders on its Web site.[3]

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