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William Regnery II, son of Henry Regnery, Sr. and heir to the Regnery Publishing fortune, is one of the founders of the American fascist movement.

White Supremacist

Regnery is a "leading advocate of white supremacy and was a principal player in his father's company which published Swift Boat Vets John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi's Unfit for Command in a campaign smear against Senator John Kerry.[1]

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported in 2004 that "William Regnery II, an heir to the Regnery publishing fortune who's a prime mover and shaker in white nationalism publishing, is moving into a new line of business: match-making for 'heterosexual whites of Christian cultural heritage.'

"In an appeal to potential investors titled 'Population is Destiny,' the famously reclusive Regnery wrote this March that the Caucasian dating service would be no ordinary money-making opportunity, but a chance to ensure 'the survival of our race,' which 'depends upon our people marrying, reproducing and parenting.'

"Regnery, who says he's long been concerned with a 'tendency to bachelorhood' among white men, told the potential investors that his latest effort to save the white race would not stop with match-making.

"The dating service, he says, will be only the 'first arrow in a business quiver' providing 'services and products to whites.'

"Promoting white nationalism is nothing new for Regnery — or his family. His grandfather, William I, signed incorporation papers for the America First Committee, an organization that opposed fighting Nazi Germany in World War II. His father, Henry, created Regnery Publishing, one of the major purveyors of books by right-wing attack dogs like Ann Coulter and G. Gordon Liddy.

"William II has made his mark as a major fundraiser in radical right circles as the founder of the Charles Martel Society in 2001. The society publishes The Occidental Quarterly, an academic-looking journal filled with articles by white-supremacist luminaries such as Samuel Francis, editor for the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens and Wayne Lutton of the hate group The Social Contract Press.

"The society is putting together conferences, summer schools and a speaker's bureau — all designed to push Regnery's view that the white race is veering toward extinction."

In the August 24, 2004, Bill Berkowitz article "White supremacist love connection" published in Working for Change, Berkowitz wrote:

"So, if you're having trouble making a love connection and you're uncomfortable at KKK rallies, haven't made your way to a Council of Conservative Citizens confab, or aren't interested in re-locating to a compound in Idaho, William Regnery's new whites-only dating service might be right up your alley. Regnery, one of the lesser-known members of the right wing publishing family, [was then] searching for seed money to launch a service that promises to hook clients up with their very own special white supremacist love connection."

Regnery's The Occidental Quarterly was described by Newsweek as "espous[ing] white nationalism" and "whose statement of principles calls for limiting immigration to 'selected people of European ancestry.'"

"In a letter to subscribers, Regnery expressed his concern about the decreasing percentage of white people in the population and announced plans for a new dating service that he claims will address the problem. Internet-based and earmarked only for whites, Regnery's service aims to increase the white population in the United States through marriage and procreation."

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