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The World Conference on Economic and Social Order Inc., "an organization closely associated with the Unification Church." [1] Their 1983 conference was partially funded by the Institute of Intercultural Research. [2]

In 1987 the New York Times reported: "According to court records, the Unification Church gave Mr. Anderson an annual salary of about $240,000, paid the rent on his Fifth Avenue office and gave him a small staff to operate the Global Economic Action Institute, which studied economic issues." [3]

In 1983, Hon. Robert B. Anderson, former US Secretary of the Treasury, was very concerned about the global debt crisis and it’s implications for the world economy, and decided to organize a global conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Laurence H. Baer "served as his executive assistant on that project. In 1984, Anderson launched the Global Economic Action Institute with Laurence as the first full time staff member. Laurence served as the Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the GEAI until it was closed in 1992. During that time he traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America, organizing divisions in 14 countries, and conferences throughout the world. When Robert Anderson stepped down as Chairman due to failing health, he was replaced by former Senator Eugene McCarthy, and then later by former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon, of New Zealand." [4]

Founding Members

It formed the Global Economic Action Institute.

"The following is a partial list of founding members of the Global Economic Action Institute: [6]

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