World Knits Ltd.

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World Knits Ltd.
Type Private
Genre Apparel manufacturing
Founded 1993
Headquarters Mauritius
Key people Roland Staub (CEO)
Industry Apparel
Revenue USD 25.6
Employees 700

World Knits Ltd. produces T-shirts and polo shirts in Mauritius. The company started in February 1993 and has since expanded its annual capacity from 700 000 T-shirts to 14 000 000 T-shirts annually. The company’s main strength is the fully integrated knitting, dyeing, finishing and make-up processes. The company exports to Europe and U.S.A.

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  • 2002: A group of Chinese workers at World Knits Ltd staged a work stoppage from 29 April to 3 May demanding better salary, annual & sick leave and guaranteed overtime. Following intervention by Ministry of Labour, management agreed to some demands but three workers refused to accept them. These workers were repatriated by the company. [1]
  • 2004: Indian workers strike to protest repatriation of one worker, demand reform of piecework system, and request increased meal allowance. [2]
  • 2006: suit is filed against company for failing to comply with Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare Act by not reporting workplace injuries [3]

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2/F Block 17 Industrial Zone
Tel:230 433 1945
Fax:230 433 0233

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