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The World Policy Institute

"Founded in New York City in 1961 as the Fund for Education Concerning World Peace through World Law, the World Policy Institute has its origins in the post-World War II movement of moderate internationalists. Its founders --the banker Harry B. Hollins and the banker and public servant C. Douglas Dillon, inspired by Grenville Clark -- sought to develop international policies to prevent future carnage and devastation. In 1963, the Institute’s name was shortened to World Law Fund. In 1972, it merged with the Institute for International Order, founded in 1948 and run by Earl D. Osborn." [1]

They describe themselves as a non-partisan source of informed policy leadership for more than four decades, develops and champions innovative policies that require a progressive and global point of view. [1]

In an increasingly interdependent world, WPI focuses on complex challenges that demand cooperative policy solutions to achieve: an inclusive and sustainable global market economy, engaged global civic participation and effective governance, and collaborative approaches to national and global security.

WPI’s Fellows program, regular public and private events, collaborative policy development, media activities, and flagship World Policy Journal provide a forum for solution-focused policy analysis and public debate. Its programs seek to introduce fresh ideas and new voices from around the world on critical shared global issues including migration, climate change, technology, economic development, human rights, and counter-terrorism.

More than 30 senior fellows and program staff—a group of accomplished policy analysts, journalists and writers—give the institute a distinctive voice in national and international affairs. [2]


Archibald L. Gillies writes:

"In the spring of 1982 the board of directors of the Institute for World Order asked me to become its President and to expand the organization’s activities into the contemporary public policy arena." David Romeyn Hunter, "the progressive Director of the Stern Fund, Earl Osborn, a board member, and Harry Hollins, a founder of the Institute, were particularly eager to add a U.S. political focus to the Institute’s international and academic work. Hollins was strongly influenced to consider this new direction by U.S. Senator Charles “Mac” Mathias, a thoughtful “Eisenhower Republican” from Maryland.
"The staff of the Institute welcomed this change as a way to invigorate its activities and, potentially, to add substantive and financial resources. Robert Johansen, then President, graciously stepped aside to become Senior Fellow and Saul Mendlovitz, the Institute’s principal academic advisor, introduced me and the new initiative to important contributors.
"During the summer and fall of 1982, we developed a plan for the Institute, including a name change “to reflect a new pragmatic approach to building a humane and just world order,” in the words of an announcement made on January 1, 1983. The new name was to be the “World Policy Institute.” During this time I saw that Sherle Schwenninger, the Institute’s Director of Studies, had a keen grasp of the making of U.S. foreign and domestic policy, and, importantly, saw the two arenas as closely connected. In our very first serious conversation, Sherle proposed that we start a quarterly magazine to compete with the Council of Foreign Relation’s “Foreign Affairs” and the Carnegie Endowment’s “Foreign Policy.” This was an audacious idea. I asked Earl Osborn to underwrite the launch of the magazine, which he did with $200,000. The World Policy Journal was founded in 1983 with Sherle as its first Editor. It was an immediate success and continues today as an enduring contributor to the formation of public policy..." [2]

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2004/05 Annual Report (Pdf)

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Accessed March 2009: [3]

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