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Yanar Mohammed is the Director of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, a "group that works to stop atrocities against Iraqi women and defend their rights. "One of their main projects is the development of a battered women's shelter in Baghdad to protect women who are fleeing from violence and 'honor killings.'" "The shelter her organization helped open in Iraq has saved over 250 women from honor killings." [1][2][3]

Yanar Mohammed "remains a key speaker on behalf of Iraqi women and also works as editor in chief of a newspaper called Equality (Al-Mousawat). After only three issues, Yanar received a court summons for writing a story rejecting compulsory veils for women in Baghdad." [4]


Yanar Mohammed was born in 1960 in Baghdad. "She spent many years organizing against the Baath regime dictatorship. She witnessed the eighties' war with Iran, the invasion of Kuwait, the catastrophic 'Desert Storm,' and the devastating economic sanctions that followed. She graduated from Baghdad University in 1984, obtaining a Master's Degree in Architecture in 1993. She left Iraq for Canada in 1995." [5]

"In Canada, Yanar Mohammed has worked with other Iraqi women to establish the Defense of Iraqi Womenâ??s Rights (DIWR) 1998. The group changed its name this past June [2003] to The Organization of Womenâ??s Freedom, and is located within Iraq." [6]

"Ms. Mohammed is also a member of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCP) The WCP is a young grassroots party, founded in 1993, that differs from the traditional Communist Party in its critique of Soviet Union-style communism; its strong opposition to Islamic fundamentalism; and its emphasis on human liberation, political freedom and the original teachings of Marx. WCP is the only political party in Iraq that has lent its full and active support to the struggle for women's rights." [7]

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