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"The Young Britons’ Foundation was entirely inspired by the success, drive and spirit of the American conservative movement.

"First introduced to organisations such as the American Conservative Union, the Young America’s Foundation, the Leadership Institute, Collegiate Network and the Heritage Foundation at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), it was clear to co-founder Donal Blaney and Greg Smith that Britain was behind in the training and development of younger political activists.

"Working together, US think-tanks, activist groups and training organisations ensure that the next generation of conservative activists are well-briefed on the academic backbone of conservative ideas, trained in campaign techniques, media skills and political organisation. No one group claims a monopoly, but all contribute to conservatism in America through their own initiatives. Equally, none of these groups are directly affiliated to or at all associated with the Republican Party.

"What is most striking about all of these groups, however, is their belief in principled conservatism which can be dated back precisely to the candidacy of Barry Goldwater for President of the United States in 1964. At that time, conservatives in America were beginning to recognise the importance of individual freedom, a strong national defence, free enterprise and traditional values..."[1]


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