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In May 2010, Zac was selected as Conservative MP for the constituency of Richmond Park and North Kingston.

"After leaving school, Zac worked in the US for two years with a number of environmental organisations. He joined the Ecologist magazine in 1997 and became editor. He launched campaigns on, among other things, climate change, GM food and pesticides." [1]

From 2001: "For the past four years that fury has been focused on the state of our planet. As editor of The Ecologist magazine, which was founded by his environmentalist uncle Teddy, Zac has been one of the fiercest critics of globalisation, supermarket bosses, GM crop producers and agribusiness.

"Now he is turning his attention to his father's last great cause: Europe. Last week, he was photographed with the rest of the Goldsmith clan and their friends to promote a new political cause, the Democracy Movement. The movement is the successor to Save the Pound, the senior Goldsmith's campaign against Euro-federalism. Among those at the movement's gathering at the Cinnamon Club in Westminster were Zac and Jemima; her husband, the former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan; and Sir Jimmy's ineffably elegant widow, Lady Annabel. The clan also surrounded themselves with a curious band of Euro-sceptic: interior decorator Nicky Haslam, actor Edward Fox, the actress Cleo Rocos and former Tory MP Rupert Allason, who willingly dug into their copious wallets to fight the euro.

"Zac Goldsmith is no less a sceptic than any of the rest, but his reasons for objecting to a Euro empire derive, he says, from his environmentalism as much as from admiration for his father's opinions." [2]

In May 2010: "The 35-year-old son of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith and lady Annabel Goldsmith was divorced by his estranged wife Sheherazade, 36, the mother of his three children, in a 30-second court hearing.

"It comes after he was linked to the banking dynasty heiress Alice Rothschild, 26, whose sister Kate is married to Mr Goldsmith's brother, Ben." [3]

"Editor, The Ecologist, worked with Redefining Progress, for two years with The International Society for Ecology and Cultures and remains an associate director of ISEC." [4]

"In 2003 Zac was the recipient of the Beacon Prize for 'Young Philanthropist of the Year'. In 2004, he received the Global Green Award in Los Angeles for 'International Environmental Leadership. " [5]

His father is James Goldsmith. His former wife is Sheherazade Goldsmith.


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