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Zainab Bangura "is the Co-founder and former Chair of Sierra Leone’s youngest political party—Movement for Progress Party—that seeks to promote good governance, integrity and the empowerment of women, youth and the disabled. She is currently the Executive Director of the National Accountability Group and member of the World Movement Steering Committee." [1]

"Zainab Bangura is the Presidential Candidate of the Movement for Unity and Progress in Sierra Leone’s most recent election. Prior to running for political office, Ms Bangura was the Coordinator of the Campaign for Good Governance, a leading civil society institution in Sierra Leone at the forefront of post conflict renewal. She is a widely respected human rights and democracy advocate and sits on the Board of the International Crisis Group." [2]

"Ms. Zainab Bangura is the chair and cofounder of the Movement for Progress, a political party that seeks to promote good governance, integrity, and the empowerment of women, youth, and the disabled in Sierra Leone. She is also the cofounder and coordinator of Campaign for Good Governance, Sierra Leone’s largest indigenous NGO, which promotes democratic participation, human rights, the rule of law, and the economic and political emancipation of women. Ms. Bangura’s project explored the ways in which democratic institutions may be rebuilt in a state weakened by civil war. Using Sierra Leone as a case study, she examined the steps needed to reestablish the structures of a stable democratic order in the wake of partial or complete state collapse." [1]

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