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ZETA Weekly "is the most credible and solid journalism institution in the Northwestern region of Mexico. In Tijuana, Baja California, it was founded on April 11, 1980, and after 24 years of it still holds a strong influence over the social, economic and political scene in Baja California.

"Made possible by a team of professionals within the field of communication, especially dedicated to in depth reporting, ZETA captures the attention of its readers every Friday throughout the five counties of Baja California as well as other Mexican cities.

"Identified by groups all over the world such as the Committee to Protect Journalists or the Freedom Forum as an example of independent reporting and publishing as well as a form of freedom of expression and ideas, in ZETA we have managed to accomplish a financial structure that is far from government and political pressures. Thus, is has been possible to strengthen an objective and professional editorial policy...

"Currently, the column known as Dobleplana, written by our editor in chief, J. Jesús Blancornelas, is the spinal cord of the weekly newspaper providing information about politics, the economy, society and the drug trade. The author has gained the recognition of countless international associations. Also, his articles are being published in more than 35 newspapers throughout Mexico...

"The prestige ZETA has earned by its in depth reporting has stretched farther than Baja California.

"In the last few years, international, local and national associations have acknowledged the work done by ZETA granting us awards, recognition, medals and special.

"The following list underlines of the most important ones:

"1996 Based in the city of LosAngeles, California, PEN Club gave ZETA Freedom To Write Award. This organization, formed by American writers and journalists represents the United Stated Delegation of Pen Club established in London,England.

1996 Jesus Blancornelas was named Editor of the Year by Editors World Reviews.

"1996 The CPJ (Committee to ProjectJournalists), based in New Yorkand formed by the leading journalists in the UnitedStates, grantedJesus Blancornelas the International Press Freedom Award.

"1997 The San Diego Press Club granted the Media Freedom Award.

"1998 The United States Society of Professional Journalists acknowledgedBlancornelas with a special plaque in recognition for his courage topursue journalism.

"1998 The American Public Relations Association gave the Diogenes Award in the city of SanDiego, because of thedecision to continue on after an assassination attempt.

"1998 The California Chicano News MediaAssociation granted the La Pluma Award in SanDiego, California.

"1998 ColumbiaUniversity,in New York,granted the Maria Moors Cabot Award.

"1999 The Parisbased UNESCO along with the Guillermo Cano Icaza Foundation of Colombia,granted Jesus Blancornelas the World Journalism Award in the City of SantaFe de Bogota, Colombia.

"1999 The Government of Baja Californiaacknowledged a journalism career that has risen to an international level.

"1999 The XVI Constitutional Legislature of theState of BajaCalifornia consideredMr. Blancornelas a Distinguished Citizen of the State of BajaCalifornia.

"2000 The International Institute Press, located in Vienna,Austria,during its 50th Anniversary, named Jesus Blancornelas one ofthe 50 heroes within the field of journalism around the world.

"2001 Blancornelas received the National Journalism Award for “In Depth Reporting”.

"2002 The Inter-American Press Society granted him the “Freedom of Expression Grand Prize in Lima.Peru.

"2003 The Grupo 21 named Blancornelas “2003 Man of the Year”. will be noticed." [1]


Web: http://www.zetatijuana.com/html/English/English.html

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